S Rivers | Personal Shopping
With over 15yrs experience as a fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper I have extensive knowledge of both men’s and women’s styling including dressing for different body shapes, wearable trends and colour theories for skin and hair types.
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Personal Shopping

You’re pretty much perfect already, but we think that after a personal shopping session with us, you’ll be turning heads and droppings jaws.

It may be to look great at that crucial interview, an important business meeting or the perfect outfit for a weekend in the country – We are sure to surprise.



It is important to shop with a purpose, focusing on the right buys for you…for clothes you wear rather than store, that integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe and that suit all the occasions your lifestyle requires.

Shopping with a stylist really can save you money. How many times do we buy something on impulse, or get lured in by a sales assistant or end up buying something in a rush or in the wrong size?

We either have a full day or half-day packages available



Having a stylist shop for you whilst you are busy doing other things can not only save you valuable time but also money. Shopping when you are in a rush can lead to impulse buying and ultimately many unworn items hanging in your wardrobe.

We either have a full day, half-day or hourly rate for this service.

All personal shopping trips start with a consultation to discuss your lifestyle requirements; occupation, leisure activities, goals you would like to achieve, personal style and looks you admire.

Rates are based on a stylist going on a full or half day shopping trip, plus a one-to-one fitting session.



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